Hinode-10 Science Meeting, Sep 5-8, 2016
SOLAR-C Science Meeting, Sep 9, 2016
Venue: Nagoya University (Higashiyama Campus), Nagoya, Japan

Scope of the Meeting
In September 2016 the tenth anniversary of the launch of Hinode will be commemorated. Researchers using Hinode dataare found in all corners of the globe and have published more than one thousand refereed papers, covering vast swathesof the field of solar physics. Hinode has also contributed to the completion of more than 100 Ph.D. theses. Hinode hasspawned collaborations with many current space borne and ground based observatories, including SOHO, SDO, IRIS,the SST, NST and Gregor, while joint observations with the future DKIST, Solar Orbiter and Solar Probe Plus projects areeagerly anticipated. This Hinode-10 meeting is an ideal time to summarize the great achievements of Hinode, and toprepare for the advancement of Solar Physics in the decade to come. The meeting is centered more on review talks thanprevious meetings, but nevertheless, we also encourage participants to present the newest research results as contributedtalks. After the four-day Hinode meeting, a Solar-C meeting will be organized (participation open to everyone), in order toprepare for the mission proposal jointly planned by JAXA, NASA and ESA. 
June 17: Deadline for abstract submission
June 17: Deadline for financial support 
July 31: Deadline for early-bird/online registration